Quote of The Day

” It is better to die for a conviction than to live with a compromise.” – Your Daily Walk Devotional

God Bless You

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Wanting To Hear But Not Practice

I hope with this blog post that I can encourage someone today with this message, I know I am encouraged by it myself. I have some areas in my life where I want to hear from God, and I do through sermons in church and his word and the Holy Spirit, but there are somethings that I have not put into practice yet. Well that is about to change and I hope it will change with you if there is an area in your life that this pertains to.

How many of you can be honest and say that you as well in some, a few, or all areas of you life you love to hear from God through his word or sermons etc but you do not practice what the word says? (Insert me rasing my hand) Lets look at Ezekiel again, how many times did Ezekiel speak to Judah and Judah’s neighbors like Egypt and some ignored him and others listened but did not put it into practice. ultimately the finally comes (Ezekiel 3:21). Now the shepherds of Israel only looked after themselves, they did not take care of the flock or strengthen those who were weak. (Ezekiel 34:1-14)

How many of us go to church on sunday and hear a good word preached by our pastor and then when monday comes and during the week we do not practice those beliefs or what we learned in church the sunday before? How many talk to your children about what was learned in church and read to them the bible, but yet your words do not match up with what you practice, or is contrary to your beliefs and what you are teaching them? Let’s follow Daniels example and not only have faith in God but put it into practice as well. Let’s talk about Daniel for a second, in Daniel chapters 1-3 Daniel chose not to defile himself with the royal food and wine. Then  when the king decreed that everyone bow down and worship the image of gold. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused, they not only believed in God and trusted in him but they put that faith and belief into practice.

They bowed only to God and served only God not idols and images of gold, they risked their life and stayed loyal to him. God protected them in return (Daniel 3:17-27). So I encourage you sister and brothers to not just believe and have faith in God. But to put that belief and faith into practice. When God says not to let any corrupt talk come out of your mouth, then uplift and edify others, speak kindly of others. When he says to help the poor, then do not look down on the homeless and just merely walk past them on the street. Help them, give them your last $20 or the money you were going to spend on sweets you do not need, instead buy them some fruit or some food. Do not use the excuse I do not have cash, go into the store and use that credit card you were going to use and get them some food.

There are so many ways to put Gods word in to practice daily we just have to be bold enough, to live out that faith and belief in private and in the public, even if we get ridiculed or called holier than thou for it.

Daniel preached a sermon  with his life, let that sink in for a  minute. Read the whole book of Daniel and you will see why I say that. A lot of times our children and others learn about God by our behavior, our life, basically what we display our witness teaches them about the God we speak of. to many you, let me repeat to many YOU are the only bible they see. So what are witnessing to others? Is your witness to others showing that you know Gods word and can speak it but not practice it with you life and actions? I know for me  as the song states, I am going to ” Dare to be a Daniel” (Hoover, Kirk, Tiegreen, 2012).

God Bless You

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Hoover, J. W., Kirk, P. A., & Tiegreen, C. (Eds.). (2012). The daily walk Bible. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House , Incorporated.




Quote of The Day

“The recognition of sin is the beginning of salvation; Putting sin to death is the life of sanctification.” – The Daily Walk Bible

Are you putting sin to death?

God Bless

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Who Do You Trust?

It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.
Psalm 118:8 NIV

Who do you place your trust in?

Often time we place so much trust in people to turn around and get heart broken and disappointed over and over again.

We never seem to place to much trust in the one who won’t disappoint us. Try for 30 or 60 days only putting your absolute trust in HIM, God and see for yourself whether you should place your trust in him or humans.

God Bless

God is the Rock

“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.” – 2 Samuel 22:33 NIV

Do you believe God is your rock, your strength? If not read 2 Samuel 22 and see how God our rock was davids rock and strength.

When in trouble run to the rock, when you are filled with worry run to the rock. The one who gives us strength.

1 Corinthians 10:4 reminds us that Christ is our rock, our strength. He protects us and we need to come to him and rely not on our own strength and understanding but his. Psalm 3:5

God Bless

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Quote of The Day

“Prayer is not so much submitting our needs to God but submitting ourselves to him”. – Your Daily Walk Devotional

Don’t just pray for the things you want and need but be like Nehemiah and pray you do the will of God.

God Bless

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How is your prayer life?

“We cannot expect to live defectively and pray effectively.”-Walk Thru The Bible

How is your prayer life? 

During my personal bible study I use Your Daily Walk along with my scripture reading. ,y goal is to read the whole bible in one year. This devotional has is suppose to help you with that. It has 365 devotionals With an overviews, of the chapter for example today I’m on 1kings 17-19. It gives me an overview of the those chapter, a quote (the one above) etc..

I think we all should do a self-check and examine our prayer life. Are we asking  God to do things for other people like “God please help that little boy he looks hungry” or ” God that family just lost their son please comfort them and help them?  If so we need to study more the bible more. We are to live Gods word as well as speak it and share it right?? So why not pray God use me to comfort that family or use me to help that little boy in your name Jesus to help them know you Lord.

Elijah is said to be someone we should imitate because his prayer life was “one point”. In other words how he prayed, how often he prayed and when he prayed is what we should model. Pray when you feel tempted, pray when you feel sad pray instead of gossiping. Pray when your angry instead of yelling at the person who made you angry. Pray with out ceasing and watch God work. Pray about everything and complain about nothing and give thanks to the Lord for everything.
God bless

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