Quote of The Day

” It is better to die for a conviction than to live with a compromise.” – Your Daily Walk Devotional

God Bless You

Photo by Judah Guttmann from unsplash

What is Your Wealth?

“The poorest man is he whose only wealth is money”. -Your Daily Walk Devotional

Examine what your wealth is. Make sure your inside matches your outside. Don’t just call your self a Christian live the life of a true Christian, one who obeys God and follows his word.

God bless

The featured photo was used with permission from unsplash.com

Let’s Build, Not Tear down

Our Daily bread organization posted this photo about 1 Thessalonians 5:11. Today we unfortunately see more of our friends and family and even strangers tearing us and others down and discouraging others instead of building them up.

We all have our flaws and sins but we are not better than one another. Sure there are things that people can physically do better than someone. But that does not make you better because there is always someone who can do something better than you even if it’s just in one area.

We should always strive to encourage one another and build each other up so we can be saved and share God’s word together. God gave us each gifts some different than others but we are ONE BODY with different functions (gifts) that should be use to share his word, bring Him glory and build one another up. Let’s try for 2018 to stop criticizing others. In love tell them what they are doing wrong as God leads you; but focus on building and encouraging them in the word. We should not be in competition with each other. Let’s not only love with words but in deed and in truth as well. We need unity not division.

God Bless 

Again this photo belongs to our daily bread 

What is God trying to do in you?

“Though you may ask God to do something for you, He generally wants to do something in you.”- The Daily Walk Bible

What is God trying to do in you? Are you being obedient or are you ignoring him to feed your own selfish fleshy desires?

Pray about it and listen for the Lord. Go in the direction He leads you. Make sure you are following His leading and not your own will or emotions.

God Bless
The above picture is not my own but was taken from unsplash.com