What Is More Important To You?


“What you possess in this world will go to someone else when you die, but what you are will be yours forever.”- Walk Thru The Bible Ministries

Knowing that what we have on earth will not go with us when we die, Why do many of us fall into the sin of greed and being materialistic? I would like to think that what and who we are is more important than the things that we have.

So I challenge you to look at yourself and do a self-check. Ask yourself what do you really value? God or money and/or material things? Sometimes people value other people more than God so examine yourself carefully.

I am not saying it is bad to have lots of material things or to even to want certain things. However, it becomes a sin when we value money and possessions more then we value  God.

God Bless

The above photo is used with permission from unsplash.com

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