How is your prayer life?

“We cannot expect to live defectively and pray effectively.”-Walk Thru The Bible

How is your prayer life? 

During my personal bible study I use Your Daily Walk along with my scripture reading. ,y goal is to read the whole bible in one year. This devotional has is suppose to help you with that. It has 365 devotionals With an overviews, of the chapter for example today I’m on 1kings 17-19. It gives me an overview of the those chapter, a quote (the one above) etc..

I think we all should do a self-check and examine our prayer life. Are we asking  God to do things for other people like “God please help that little boy he looks hungry” or ” God that family just lost their son please comfort them and help them?  If so we need to study more the bible more. We are to live Gods word as well as speak it and share it right?? So why not pray God use me to comfort that family or use me to help that little boy in your name Jesus to help them know you Lord.

Elijah is said to be someone we should imitate because his prayer life was “one point”. In other words how he prayed, how often he prayed and when he prayed is what we should model. Pray when you feel tempted, pray when you feel sad pray instead of gossiping. Pray when your angry instead of yelling at the person who made you angry. Pray with out ceasing and watch God work. Pray about everything and complain about nothing and give thanks to the Lord for everything.
God bless

The above photo is not my own but belongs to JCLU

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