Quote of the night

“Most of modern man’s troubles stem from too much time on his hands and not enough on his knees.”-Walk Thru The Bible

How many can agree with this quote??

We need to remember who God is when in times of trouble no matter how hard that situation may be.  God said he will never leave nor forake you. That means he is there during the bad times and during the good times so don’t only praise him or call on him during the good times but the bad also and stay faithful to him during the times of trouble!

God Bless

I didn’t agree with Meagan Good’s husband.

I agree with the fact that the woman was wrong in her delivery but she was right in what she was trying to say. Devon was wrong in saying Megan can wear what she wants in jesus name because that does contradicts what the Bible says.

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One of my friends on Facebook shared a video that a guy made in response to Meagan Good and Devon Franklin’s video. The guy was bold and called out something that I saw too, but I was too cowardly to speak up on. But, after watching it, I had to write this.

Okay, so for those who don’t know, the actress Meagan Good and her husband, Devon Franklin wrote a book called, “The Wait.” It’s about abstinence and not having sex before marriage. Both profess Christianity and they have been doing interviews promoting their book. Before I even get into this, I want to say, I admire their mission and ministry to encourage couples to wait on God. I certainly believe lives will be touched and people will grow from reading their book. I plan to read it myself. As a married woman, who knows what I myself can learn?

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