Are You Committing Adultery In your Marriage unintentionally Or Intentionally?


“You have heard that it was said, ‘you shall not commit adultery’. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – Matthew 5:27,28

I have been around some married couples who while watching t.v.  or having casual talk will look at a male celebrity and say he is so fine, look at his body. Some people go as far as to say if I was not married… or claim that, that particular celebrity is their “second husband”. I have done this in my past as well but I have learned that through God’s word this is wrong. If you read the above verse God clearly tells us that lusting period is a sin just as committing adultery physically is a sin.

I am not writing this blog to judge anyone but to make you aware of God’s word so that you can go to him pray for yourself, repent and pass God’s word on to others. God doesn’t send us our mates for us to turn around and lust after someone else. Our eyes are to be first on Jesus and then on our husband. I encourage you to take the time to think about how your mental adultery makes Jesus feel because you’re committing adultery on him as well as your husband.

Also think about how your husband feels, just because he says I know your playing does not mean he is not hurt by your words and your obvious lust for that celebrity. Marriage does not consist of only two people, it consist of God, the husband and the wife. Have you ever thought that maybe your husband feels emasculated or develop low self-esteem by you constantly saying Morris Chestnut is so fine and that his body is just gorgeous? If your husband has a nice body and well toned body or if he doesn’t why are you making him feel like he is not enough for you? A lot of men won’t admit that this is how you are or could be making them feel, they just act on it in a different way. For example, they could reciprocate with women who are not celebrities or you may push them to go out and have sex with another woman because you are making them feel like they just aren’t enough for you.

” Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

As the above scripture states what you do from comes from your heart. Please get rid of the lust that is in your heart and keep God and you husband on your mind not other men even if they are celebrities. One thing that makes upsets me is the women of God who know the word and still do this and tell others it’s okay.

For an example I use to have friends who would try to encourage me to say what celebrity I think is hot and if I was not married which one would I date after they just eyed one on a movie we were watching. Even though I  told them I’m uncomfortable with doing that, and it’s wrong they said well it’s not like you’re cheating. Run from those type of friends because they are not your true friends. Follow what God says not the world, I encourage you to not entertain silly people who ask you silly questions if you weren’t married would you date him, do him, marry him? Or doesn’t he have an awesome body etc. The world tells you its okay to just look, and talk as long as you do not touch and I’m here to tell you the devil is using the world to trap you. God said it is all bad and do no partake in it!

My sister’s in Christ please uplift and edify your husbands and Keep your eyes on Jesus and then your husband not on celebrities and other males.

God Bless

#Religion #godsword

© Jasmine Samilton

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