I think the divorce rate has been high in the past and probably is still high now because people like to take the easy road instead of the hard now. They like to break their commitments instead of keeping them. I feel that when people decide to get married rather young or old they have their minds focused on how much the person makes and how good that person looks or how their sex game is if they have participated in premarital sex. These things should not be what causes us to marry somebody looks fade away, sex was made by God to be something special between a husband and wife. Not something that you do with any tom dick and harry. There are even people who feel before they get married to their spouse they have to make sure he doesn’t have a small genital area. Like really you guys this is not what God intended marriage for and i believe this is one of the reasons people get divorced. They walk into marriage without fully thinking about the commitment they are about to make and they also walk into with silly and ridiculous ideas. A lot of people once married realize their spouse has a lot of faults and seek to bash them about it attempt to change them. That is another problem that causes people to get a divorce. God our creator is the only one who can change somebody and a lot of times the person who actually needs the changing is you, you have many faults like your spouse whether you admit them or realize them or not. Instead of trying to change your spouse you should pray for them and yourself and work on changing you through the Lord. In the Lord’s timing he will definitely change you for the better and your spouse.

First and foremost let me say that you should wait to get married pray to God and wait patiently on him to give you the woman or man he has for you, then divorce shouldn’t even be considered. Keep God first in the marriage once you are married, God tells you in his word that those who do marry will face troubles (1 Corinthians 7:28 NIV) But if you keep God as your first priority and pray about every situation whether good or bad you will be able to move past the differences or troubles you face in marriage. But instead of doing that people tend to do the easy thing and leave. 1 Corinthians 7:10 NIV says that a wife must not divorce her husband and a husband must not divorce his wife. If a wife divorces her husband she must remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. God does not like divorce and his only excepts for divorce is if the husband or wife cheats (Matthew 5:32) or if an unbelieving spouse decides they want to leave the believing spouse (1 Corinthians 7:15)

I want to encourage all that once you decided to get married seek God first and follow his will for if he wants you to get married or not and also for him to send the spouse he has for you. Make sure through the troubles you are going to face you seek God for help and stick through and try to make things better. God never said anything would be easy and as I stated earlier in this post God even tells you that you will face troubles in marriage. Nobody is perfect except Christ so don’t into marriage thinking your spouse is perfect or for the wrong motives. Go into deep prayer and thought about it and listen and obey what God tells you.

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