Secret Sins Series: “Okay, This Is The LAST Time”

SSS Post PhotoYou tell yourself that this is the last time while mentally crossing your fingers behind your back. You hate that empty feeling after you’re done but you just can’t seem to stop. You know it’s wrong, but you have to give your flesh what it wants because if you don’t, you won’t be fulfilled. A few minutes later, the disgust settles in. You feel dirty, sick, and mad at yourself, but a large part of you feels satisfied. You want to please God, you know deep down that it’s wrong, but there’s something that won’t allow you to stop.

You rationalize with yourself thinking it’s kind of okay because you’re not having premarital sex, fornicating with some random person. But if only you knew the sin you were committing against your own body, it doesn’t take the penetration of a living, breathing being made in the image of God…

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