Black Lives: Can We Save Ourselves?

I agree with a lot that was said. I think we (blacks) do cause this on our selves not all but some. How many black on black crimes happen? How many blacks actually live up to the stereostypes? The black community need to do better of we want people to treat us better. We don’t treat ouraelves wi th respect so why so we expect others to treat us with respect. Now i know not every black person does wrong or kill another but the majority do and i feel that’s what people look at.

dre' xolani

For a while, after Ferguson, I had a difficult time taking a stance regarding the “Black Lives Matter” movement. I chose to remain silent on the issue until I could at least wrap my head around my own thoughts. There is no doubt that black lives matter; but when pondering on the solution I struggled with where to begin. Our judicial system has been corrupt and oppressive since the beginning of time so it makes sense that we think judicial reformation is the solution. Maybe. There is absolutely no excuse for innocent lives to be lost due to ignorance and fear. Period. Black. White. Or others. What is most disturbing to me and many others is that no one has been held accountable for these careless and ignorant acts.  I’m biased because I am black and I have four younger brothers who currently reside in predominately white communities. My body temperature increases at…

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