God’s Love

First and foremost God is love period, he is the definition of love. Now God says to love everyone. How can we say we love people like our family members, friends, boyfriends etc if we secretly envy them or are jealous of them or you keep records of all the wrongs they have done. If you read the scripture I have stated in the title 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Then to love is not being jealous of them or keeping records of their wrongs. I am bringing this to everyone’s attention because I want you to meditate on this scripture and think about how you can change yourself for the better and start truly loving people including your family. God basically is saying forgive and forget and if you can’t forgive and forget then your not truly loving people. Incase you are wondering wherw it says to forgive and forget in the bible, well he says it all over the bible to forgive right everyone knows that. However, where he says to forget is in 1 Corinthians 13:5 where he says love keeps no record of wrongs. That right there says to forgive and forget because if you’re not keeping any records of wrongs than that basically means that person has never wronged you hench love keeps NO RECORD OF WRONGS. Think about and meditate on it.

© 2014 Jasmine Samilton


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