God’s Love

First and foremost God is love period, he is the definition of love. Now God says to love everyone. How can we say we love people like our family members, friends, boyfriends etc if we secretly envy them or are jealous of them or you keep records of all the wrongs they have done. If you read the scripture I have stated in the title 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Then to love is not being jealous of them or keeping records of their wrongs. I am bringing this to everyone’s attention because I want you to meditate on this scripture and think about how you can change yourself for the better and start truly loving people including your family. God basically is saying forgive and forget and if you can’t forgive and forget then your not truly loving people. Incase you are wondering wherw it says to forgive and forget in the bible, well he says it all over the bible to forgive right everyone knows that. However, where he says to forget is in 1 Corinthians 13:5 where he says love keeps no record of wrongs. That right there says to forgive and forget because if you’re not keeping any records of wrongs than that basically means that person has never wronged you hench love keeps NO RECORD OF WRONGS. Think about and meditate on it.

© 2014 Jasmine Samilton

What is it worth to gain the world and lose your soul?


Like everyone else I have struggled with the love of money. Growing up I learned from my father’s actions that keeping up with the latest technology and movies was the way to be. He often chose to not pay a bill to buy materialistic things those actions taught me how to be just like that. Once I was finally able to have a cell phone I was happy I could be like the other kids my age. I felt like I am sort of apart of the popular group now.

What I gained was the world in a way, I was finally able to be like other kids my age in the aspect of technology. When I gained this or the world so to speak, I lost my soul.  This may seem minor or not important but its the little things that show how you will react to bigger things, and can shape who you will become in the future if you let it. The consequences of me gaining the world was I also gained fake friends. See I always wanted to be a part of the popular group growing up in elementary school and high school. What I got was a few fake friends, and I allowed jealous people to use me and ultimately hurt me (emotionally).

In elementary school I was a shy girl, in high school I was still shy but not so much I was more of a people pleaser. I was the person afraid to be herself because I knew I wouldn’t be accepted by the popular kids. I was never accepted by the popular kids lol I had friends and those friends were cool with the “popular” kids. In 11th grade I got a paid internship and I was able to go to school for half of the day and go to work the other half.

My dad was the type of parent where I had to run everything by him and I couldn’t have the things I wanted or dress the way I wanted or go anywhere with any friends. Imagine what life I had.  Once I got this job ( paid internship), I thought I had everything. I paid my own phone bill, I had my own car. Life was good on the outside but on the inside it wasn’t.  Looking from the outside in it seemed like I was happy but I wasn’t. On the inside I still craved more and in some way I still do but I’m learning to be content in everything and every aspect of my life because God is more important than money.

However, This new independent me turned 18 graduated high school was living on my own with my boyfriend and started drinking and just doing sinful things I lost friends along the way some fake some not, I fell in love with my high school sweetheart. But, I wasn’t right inside, my soul was dead! I made lots of mistakes. I was in love with money I craved it and I wanted to be like the world/society says I should be. So that’s what I strived to be and on the way I lost my soul. I didn’t know much about the bible but I knew a few things. I’m writing this to encourage you to learn about God, put him first and find your identity in him not the world or others.

“Psalm 119:36 says turn my heart toward your statues and not toward selfish gain“.  This is what we all need to pray, selfish gain/the love of money is the root of all evil nothing good comes from it. It may seem like all the money and materialistic things is making you happy but if you examine your life and your self you will find that deep down you’re not happy.

So I ask again what is it worth to gain the world and lose your soul?

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© 2014 Jasmine Samilton